CGA C-15

Procedures for Cylinder Design Proof and Service Performance Tests
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This publication identifies tests that have been used or are currently used to qualify characteristics of certain compressed gas cylinders. The intent is to list the most commonly used tests. It is not the intent to qualify the value or merit of these tests, but to make the reader aware of these tests.
Some tests are required by the U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT) and/or Canada's Transport Canada (TC) regulations, which will also specify when such tests are performed. The test method and a description of how to perform the test are given in this publication or a reference is provided where the reader can obtain more details of the test. Some tests relating to specific cylinder service or usage such as environmental tests for fuel compressed gas cylinders, are beyond the scope of this publication. Composite cylinders are not included in the scope of this publication.
Tests described in this publication are not intended to be the only ones applicable to every cylinder, gas service, or usage. Additional tests could be required to satisfy specific areas of need. In addition, it is up to the reader to know which tests are required by regulations.