HI 1.3-2013

Rotodynamic Centrifugal Pumps for Design and Application
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This useful standard has been updated and rewritten in 2013 for everyone in the pump industry and anyone looking to learn about rotodynamic pumps. The standard has been written to recognize and identify the application requirements, principal features, and necessary precautions of rotodynamic pumps used in the most common industry segments. Most commonly, the three types of rotdynamic pumps used, and the pump types focused on in this standard, are centrifugal, mixed flow and axial flow pumps.
The standard has also been created to cover the design and application of rotodynamic centrifugal, regenerative turbine, and Pitot tube pumps of all industrial/commercial types, except vertical single and multistage diffuser pump types. This standard classifies pumps based primarily on commonly distinctive mechanical configurations, namely overhung, between-bearings and vertically suspended. Also included in the standard is information concerning variances in impeller types, casing configuration, and mechanical features, as well as how these variances affect performance.