HI 1.4-2010

Rotodynamic (Centrifugal) Pumps for Manuals Describing Installation, Operation and Maintenance
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This edition represents the first major revision of the original 1999 release. The content has been siginificantly enhanced and includes many new and updated graphics. Includes:
  • Safety Precautions: general safety requirements, specific actions and maintenance suggestions to prevent injury and damage, explosive atmosphere safety, prevention of excessive temperatures, explosive moisture buildup, sparks and leakage
  • Transportation and Storage requirements: rigging/lifting instructions, unpacking instructions, storage environment/moisture protection, and specific requirements for short- and long-term storage
  • Product Descriptions: covering configuration and nomenclature
  • Installation and Site Preparation Information: site location criteria, seismic analysis of foundation, baseplate leveling, and grouting, impeller clearance, motor selection, electrical conduit and boxes, and updated control monitoring and alarm equipment
  • Operation Procedures: covering rotation check information, start-up checklist, valve settings, water hammer and vibration causes
  • Maintenance Directions
  • Troubleshooting
  • Classification of Pump Types with cross-sectional drawings
  • Certification