HI 10.1-10.5-2016

American National Standard for Air-Operated Pumps for Nomenclature, Definitions, Application, and Operation
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Scope of Standard: ANSI/HI 10.1-10.5 offers a basic education overview on air-operated pumps, design and application considerations related to the selection of the right pump for a specific industry including pump installation, operation and maintenance procedures. The standard addresses:
  • Air-operated, diaphragm (simplex, duplex)
  • Air-operated, bellows (simplex, duplex)
What You Will Learn/Overall Benefits:
  • Gain a background about the unique features of air-operated pumps
  • Properly select and use pumps for specific applications
  • Learn how to operate, maintain and troubleshoot air-operated pumps
Content: Detailed diagram of pump components, nomenclature, definitions, basic pump design, guidelines for applications including discussion of typical services, pump types, check valve selection, proper installation, mounting, operation, maintenance and troubleshooting.